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The Disciple's Toolbox

April 7, 14, 21, 28

“The Disciple’s Toolbox” is a sermon series about the tools that “The Disciple’s Toolbox” is a sermon series about the tools that can help us grow as followers of Jesus.can help us grow as followers of Jesus.

Each week we will update this page with resources to help us grow as Christ's followers!

Bible Study

Daily Emails
D365 (Website)- These daily devotions follow a five step pattern: Pause, Listen, Think, Pray, Go. I liked that the scripture was included, the devotionals were good and easily understood, and they all ended with a short positive prayer. 

The Bible In A Year (For AppleFor Google)- This podcast is done by Father Mike Schmitz, who is the Youth and Young Adult minister for the Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota and Campus Chaplain of the college in Duluth.  Each episode is 20-25 minutes, includes two to three scripture readings, a reflection from Father Mike, and finishes with a guided prayer to help you hear God's voice in his Word.

The Bible Project (Website)- This app shares short, well made videos that make complicated topics in the Bible easy to understand. There are different series that you can choose in the app, like working your way through every book of the Bible or exploring common themes. These also podcasts, skill studies and classes available. I also really like that you can read the Bible in the app and toggle between different translations. 


"The Place of Fasting in the Christian Life" from the C.S. Lewis Institute- this webpage gives examples of how fasting took place in history, gives Biblical examples, and gives some suggestions on how a spiritual fast from food can take place. 

"How to Fast For Lent" from the Table, an Episcopal church in Indianapolis- this webpage provides ways to think about fasting from a variety of things, inviting us to wonder what has a hold on us that we would like God's help in fasting. 

"What To Give Up For Lent" from Hallow, a Roman Catholic prayer app- this page gave ideas for a variety of ages for how to fast from certain practices and take up newer ways to grow in your faith. While distinctly Roman Catholic, this page can provide inspiration for how fasting can become a part of our spiritual discipline. 


Five Steps to Serving Others Well- this resource from Experience Mission helps to think through our motivations and actions as we seek to serve. What can guide us and help us as we seek to serve as Christ serves? 

"Compassion" from the Bible Project- This amazing video details how God is compassion throughout Scripture and how we can take that on as well. 

Serve Others from Lord of Life Lutheran- this page lists over 20 ways to serve! Take a look, try some out, or be inspired to try some others!


Daily Prayer- There are formal daily prayer times that allow us to mark the day. Morning Prayer celebrates the new dawn and life that God gives. Evening Prayer notes the close of our work days as we move into the dimming of the day. Night Prayer (or Compline) helps to close our day, asking God to watch over us this night. 

Centering Prayer- a meditative practice that helps us to focus on God's presence alongside us through the use of a word or phrase. Also has an app

Lectio Divina- a combination of Bible study and prayer, this practice allows for the words of scripture to speak to our situation. 

The Five Finger Prayer and the ACTS model- these two prayers help to organize our prayers, giving prompts to help guide us. 

Prayer Ventures- This resource from the ELCA allows for a daily focus for our prayer, and is updated monthly. 

Sacred Space- an Irish Jesuit website that helps to lead through the Ignatian Examen, a period of connection and reflection on God's presence in our lives. 

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