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Our MDO program is preparing to re-open! We are working toward re-opening in early 2021 with expanded days and hours. For details or to ask questions, call Director Kristin Miller or send her an email.


MDO is an outreach ministry to the surrounding community and we welcome all children ages 6 months to 4 years. 

The purpose of our MDO program is to help the preschool child grow in learning ability and social awareness through relationships with caring and understanding adults and with other children of similar age. Our program's primary goal is to provide a caring Christian environment with Chapel once per week and Bible stories every day. The children learn about Jesus and God's world, and they learn to work, play, and share with their peers. We also introduce them to ABCs, 123s, shapes, and colors.

From parents of MDO children:

"Thank you for teaching [my sons] about Jesus and showing God's love."


"Thank you doesn't even begin to express my appreciation to you all for the years you have so lovingly cared for my babies."

"What a blessing you all have been to me and my family."

"You are all blessings to us and every kid that comes through your doors."


Additional Information

Drop off and Pick up:

Print your name on the attendance sheet when dropping off and again when picking up your child.

What to Bring in Your Child's Backpack:

1. Lunch for your child

2. Change of clothes for your child

3. Pull Ups, if your child wears them

4. Wipes to use when changing Pull Ups

5. Please put your child's name on all personal belongings

Medical Notes:

1. We DO NOT administer any medications to your child/children.

2. If you receive a call that your child has become ill, you will need to pick him/her up immediately.

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