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Annual Congregational Meeting

Sunday, November 12, 2023


In the Fellowship Hall

All TLC Members, please plan to join us for this very important event.  We will vote for our 2024 TLC Council members and the 2024 budget.

In addition, we will be updating our congregation's Constitution. The Southwestern Texas Synod of the ELCA made many changes in their model Constitution.  These changes were incorporated into the revision of the TLC Constitution, Bylaws and Continuing Resolutions.  The major changes in our bylaws are 1) to allow the rostered ministers to be voting members of the Congregation Council, and 2) to remove the Financial Secretary position from the Council.  The Council believes the rostered members of TLC serve on the Council and thus should have a vote.  The Financial Secretary is a member of the Finance Committee and that committee's recommendations are brought to the Council by the Treasurer.  Thus there is not a need for the Financial Secretary to also be on the Council.  

To read the updated changes, click here

A vote to accept the TLC Constitution, Bylaws and Continuing Resolutions will be held at the annual meeting. The Council welcomes any comments or suggestions related to this document prior to the annual meeting on November 12. 2023.  

The following Church Council terms are ending at the end of 2023 and needed to be filled for the 2024 Church Council. Thank you to everyone who agreed to run for one of these much-needed Council positions.

  • Treasurer -- Record all funds deposited by Financial Secretary and disburse those funds as directed

  • Financial Secretary -- Keep accurate record of incoming funds and make deposits of those funds

  • Property & Resources -- Responsible for maintenance and repairs of the church buildings and grounds by coordinating volunteer resources and contractors with skills to address any issue that may arise. Coordinates with the church sexton if necessary.

  • Congregational Life -- Promotes fellowship within the congregation. Supports the team leaders who arrange and coordinate church meals and other fellowship opportunities along with a team of helpers. Works as the liaison between Council and the team leaders.

Annual Congregational Meeting
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