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September Series: ON OUR WAY

What makes a good life? Wrestling with questions about how to live your life is part of being human. These films were created in accompaniment to the book project On Our Way: Christian Practices for Living a Whole Life. The authors are passionate about practicing their faith in the real world, for the good of all, and in response to God’s presence. They invite you to join them in exploring a way of life that is rooted in Christian wisdom while also moving toward the future, a way of life overflowing with God’s justice, mercy, and love.


Video 1: An Invitation

Video 2: Study

Video 3: Discerning God's Call

Video 4: Living as Community

Video 5: Friendship & Intimacy

Video 6: Singing Our Lives to God

Video 7: Care for Creation

Video 8: Making a Good Living

Video 9: Honoring the Body

Video 10: Neighbors of Other Faiths

Video 11: Peacemaking

Video 12: Doing Justice

Video 13: Living in the Presence of God


Bible Project

September Series: WISDOM


Video 1:

The Book of Proverbs

Video 2:

The Book of Ecclesiastes

Video 3:

The Book of Job

The Bible is full of rich wisdom that is incredibly relevant to our modern world. Specifically, the Bible’s wisdom literature — Job, Ecclesiastes, and Proverbs — reveals the collected wisdom of generations of godly people, inviting us to consider both the complexities and simplicities of life.

These books are asking the same question: What does it mean to live a good life? And they all offer different solutions. But when we look at the wisdom literature as a collection of writings, we see a clear picture emerge.

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