Oktoberfest 2020

Guten Tag! We are taking the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of Triumphant Lutheran Church with an online auction for a gorgeous quilt handmade by Mary Gandolfo, and for several delicious desserts homemade by some of TLC's best bakers. Proceeds benefit the Comal County Senior Citizens Foundation (aka Meals on Wheels).

Here are the winning bidders:

Handmade Quilt: Virginia Smith

Hamburger Cake: Nancy Teply

Baklava: Jackie Mitchell

Italian Cream Cake: Carol Snyder

German Chocolate Cake: Marilyn Winters

Peach Cobbler: Sharilyn Krauss

Cappuccino Brownies: John Gallo

Brownies: Marilyn Winters

Neiman Marcus Cake: Marilyn Winters

Carrot Cake: Aaron Richter

Second Carrot Cake: Jerry Guebard

Chocolate Pecan Pie: Aaron Richter

Apple Pie: Sharilyn Krauss


Thank you to all the bidders and winners!